Bridging California cultural resources with global demand.

Bringing healthy and sustainable lifestyles from China to California.

The California Music & Arts Consortium is a team of media/entertainment industry professionals deeply entrenched in the rich cultural and artistic resources of California and Asia.

Our mission is to promote Daoist healthy lifestyle and sustainability through music, arts, TV, film and events through highly visible international projects and global initiatives.

By connecting global demand to an evolving network of California’s immense music and art entities through consultation, production, and outreach services, CAMAC is bringing opportunity to domestic sources and artistry to international clients.

Through highly visible music and arts initiatives, CAMAC will seek to promote sustainability through Daoist and Buddhist healthy lifestyle practices. We believe in sustainability as a lifestyle, not more products.

We are actively involved in international music production, distribution, media licensing, talent recruitment, TV & film development and financing, lifestyle and sustainability development.