Bak Fu Pai Classes

CAMAC presents White Tiger Qigong with Master Anton

Bak Fu Pai (Bai Hu Pai, White Tiger Style) Qigong is a unique style of Qigong practice that’s been passed down by Southern Shaolin masters in China for hundreds of years. Though all Qigong practices enhance your control and balance of inner energy and ultimately help you achieve wellness, Bak Fu Pai’s difference was certainly strong enough to convert Master Anton from other practices 20 some years ago when Anton met Grand Master Doo Wai. GM Doo Wai was actively teaching/healing the who’s who in Hollywood in the 80s and 90s. Two plus decades later Master Anton is now passing the art of fighting and wellness onto a new generation of practitioners. Through a partnership with CAMAC, you can now feel the difference for yourself if you have practiced Qigong before, or begin your journey to right here with us. We welcome all who are interested in opening up your channels to the cosmic world of wellness and lifestyle wisdom through White Tiger Qigong.