Guangzhou Tourism

  • HX & WND w Bureau Chief
  • Bureau Chief on LACS tour
  • HX WND in meeting with BC
  • DJ P & H
  • HX & H
  • HX WND in meeting with BC 2
  • HX & WND 2
  • HX & WND
  • Hx WND BC at DJP

CAMAC is working with our partners to bring Guangzhou’s tourist attractions to the world! Guangzhou Tourism Bureau Chief Mr. Zhu Li visited CAMAC office at Center Studios in Jan 2016. After listening to our plans to harness the power of media and events in North America to promote Guangzhou, Mr. Zhu strategized with us with great excitement, shared his experiences in past campaigns and provided valuable insight on the positioning of Guangzhou as a future tourism heavyweight.

Promo footage courtesy of Tactics Culture Diffusion

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