Opportunity Green’s Voyage to the Atlantic Ocean

To study the impact of plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean and to support in increasing our understanding and awareness, Opportunity Green founder and CAMAC senior advisor Karen Solomon guest crewed aboard the SeaDragon, a 72 ft research vessel run by Pangaea Explorations, with the 5 Gyres Institute acting as its scientific partner. From June 6-17, 2013, Karen traveled to Bermuda to sail to Newport, RI, through the North Atlantic Ocean Gyre with 12 other individuals. The voyage is intended to collect and study plastic pollution that has made its way from land to the middle of the ocean.

CAMAC is a proud Angel sponsor of Karen’s expedition.

CAMAC and Opportunity Green are also working with private and government partners to bring green innovations and ideas to China. Check back for updates on OG China 2014!