Shaolin Cultural Festival

Shaolin Cultural Festival.

Shaolin Cultural Festival is a festival focusing on holistic choices through ancient Shaolin cultural practices encompassing spirituality, connectedness, and Kung-fu.

CAMAC is a strategic partner of the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center of America in its efforts of North American promotion.

The Inaugural North American Shaolin Temple Cultural Festival kicked off on Oct. 8 when the Secretary of the UN (Pan Kee Moon) hosted the venerable Abbot Shi Yongxin & entourage at a star studded banquet at the UN headquarters in NY. Then the Abbot delivered two speeches at the Harvard University and talked about the relevance of religious practices and how it applies to modern life.

The main event in LA, which CAMAC helped organize and coordinate, included a Puja at the Shaolin Temple Cultural Center and the Abbot’s speech at UCLA on Oct. 11, a massive Kung Fu competition at the LA Convention Center on Oct. 12 and Shaolin cultural forum on Oct. 13. The competition attracted over 700 competitors from Canada, Mexico, Europe and all parts of the U.S. and over 2,000 watched a breathtaking performance by the 36 masters from Shaolin. The Abbot personally handed out the medals and trophies to some 100 winners.