The Palace Museum Commemorates Mr. Zhang Boju

The Palace Museum (better known in the West as The Forbidden City)’s most important collections, including the oldest surviving Chinese painting by famous Jin Dynasty painter Lu Ji (AD261-303), came from one person’s donation: Mr. Zhang Boju and this year is the 120th anniversary of Mr. Zhang’s birth. To commemorate his contribution The Palace Museum is taking some of the originals (300-400 years old) and a number of reproductions on the road for a rare tour as these have never been out of the museum. The series of events/exhibitions kicked off in Apr. with a press conference at the National Hall of People’s Congress, reported on CCTV and is underway in China. CAMAC, alongside other partners and foundations, is proud to present and produce the US leg of the exhibition at both the Beverly Hills City Hall and The Millennium Biltmore LA.