TV & Film Portfolio

CAMAC currently focuses on the U.S. and Chinese markets.

We and our partners represent a seasoned team of industry professionals particularly experienced in developing, financing, co-producing and distributing TV & film content that would work in the two largest markets in the world.



We’ve been developing original content for U.S. and Chinese release and our own shows/films are in different phases of productions. We also welcome third party concepts/ideas. If you have a TV/film project that on some level involves China (story, location, cast, production, distribution, contracting, marketing, product placement, artist/sponsor collaboration, etc.), please feel free to hit us up.



We will provide funding for projects that fit our bill for in-house development, co-production and distribution. Please feel free to drop us your development and financing inquiries. We may also bring fully developed 3rd-party projects to our investment partners for pure financing considerations, but as of now it is unlikely for us to get involved in funding projects that we didn’t have a role in developing.



We have a dedicated team of bilingual writers, directors, casting directors, actors, voice-over artists, producers, editors, colorists, sound designers, mixers and other industry professionals. Our projects would be impossible without them.



We prefer to distribute content co-developed with us with U.S. and Chinese audience in mind, but if you think you have a project that has universal appeal (e.g. family comedy) please drop us a line. We also represent Chinese TV/film properties that seek international distribution.