Zhu Jing (Jing)

International Album Production for International Audiences.

Musician, VJ, Singer Songwriter Jing was born in the legendary tea town of Pu’er. She recorded her first EP at 15 and has since been living a daring dream of music. In 2008, Jing penned her first national No.1 single Ant. It was No.1 on 120 local radio stations too and received a joint recommendation by 400 music program VJs. In 2010 her song Everything was used as the official Chinese trailer music for Transformers 2.

In the summer of 2013, CAMAC, entrusted by partners XWX Records and Enlight Media, worked with top LA-based producers & production teams (Demi Lovato, Fergie, JLo, Dr. Dre, U2, Seal, etc.) to release Jing’s groundbreaking sophomore album and music videos. This is the first international co-production of its kind and it is the most anticipated event of the year in Chinese music.

Latest Updates:
Jing’s performance on CCTV has now over 26 million views!

Jing’s album was finally released on 9/10/2014. Looks like it’s sweeping the awards across the country:
2015 Music Pioneer Awards (26 major market radio tallies): Best Singer Songwriter of the Year
2015 Chinese Music Media Awards: Critic’s Choice
2014  China Hit Music Awards: 10 Best Songs of the Year
2014  Shen Zhen Radio station:  Best Song of the Year
2014  Shen Zhen Radio Station:  Best Female Songwriter of  the Year
2014 Winner of CCTV’s Best Dai Minority Artist (Zheng Qi Dou Yan 争奇斗艳)
2014 Guangzhou New Music Awards: Top 10 Songs of the Year (Dear Kid)

2013 updates: Jing a Music Pioneer!
At the annual Music Pioneers Awards on the evening of Nov. 30, Jing’s first EP She took home Songwriter of the Year Award. As the first single of the forthcoming album Jing, She also earned her Hot Shot Debut of the Year. With another EP on the way and a masterfully produced album waiting in the wings, Jing is about to shake up the Chinese music scene like no artists before her and can expect a lot more awards coming her way come 2014.

Music Pioneers Award:

Award show pics:

To hear She and My Dear Kid from her EP She:

Past Awards:

  • 2009 Top Chinese Music: Best New Artist
  • 2009 Easter Music Chart: Best New Artists (2nd Runner-Up)
  • 2009 C-Pop Awards: Top 10 Best New Artists
  • 2009 Vogue China: New Artist with Best Potential
  • 2009 Top 60 People in 60 Years of Yunnan Cultural Happenings
  • 2011 Red Bull New Energy Music Awards

Ing Da Nam

My Dear Kid


Production Interview Hu Xiao

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